This is a good place to cite critical articles for us to read, to point out books in the library or to post up quotations or indeed upload whole articles.

When you read a critic, remember to consider to what extent you agree with them and why, based on the threads of the poems, spread of work and details within.

What YOU think really does matter, but we should try to situate ourselves within current debate or at least attempt to absorb other opinion so that ours is more highly informed and cultured - very Eliot!

Three things to kick you off from Ms Wilson:

1. Please see here a copy of Y13's Poetry Safari, which mentions T.S.Eliot and also gives you a good taster of their style, a year on, of considering the nature of poetry. If you can think like this now and fit your ideas about Eliot and Yeats into a wider view of poetry, you will do well. You can borrow any of the books they refer to from Ms Wilson, or look in the library for your own preferences. This doc also explains how they did it:

2. British Academy podcasts - Professor Christopher Ricks:

3. See what happens when you use Google Scholar and search for T.S.Eliot and Yeats:,5 If you don't get it, ditch it, but browse for stuff that sticks in your head as sensible. NB it's the ones that come up as acessible articles or googlebooks that you can use. Ignore anything inaccessible/subscriber only.