You all have a list of Eliot/Yeats essay titles to plan around and some ideas of how to do that from our last lesson and the home page here.

To help you do that together, I will open a number of dicussion threads attached to this page (see above at the second torquoise tab to the right) where you can drop in thoughts and details of what you would look at. Some of these come from the list, some of them are new, including the critical quote question.

You can open more yourselves using that list...

Remember you can and should:

  • unpack the question
  • brainstorm the poets' concerns and attitudes
  • brainstorm bits of poems, including stylistic qualities related to/illuminating about this topic
  • try to link this stuff up - when you notice an idea, what happens if you apply it to the other poems you are interested in?
  • try to group your ideas into topics for your essay
  • fill out each main topic with sufficient detail to get to the bottom of what you want to say
  • make sure all of this takes place with you reading like a poetic person - FIRST!
  • does all of this add up to a thesis in answer to your question? This would be your intro
  • THEN you can write!

Or try the Harkinsesque method outlined on the home page.

Please also remember that there's no sense in repeating - try to add, build, develop, challenge ideas... Make this a real critical conversation.